Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Front Porch, in the Mission: San Francisco

Date:  9 fevrier 2010
Location:  65 29th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110-4910
(415) 695-7800

Good ol' southern cooking, with a seasonal, local, fresh San Franciscan twist.  Not too bad, yet also not rock solid.  Ambiance is down home and cozy, service very kind.  The kind of place you walk into and just feel comfortable.  Be sure to dress down - very casual place where people are artsy and easy in their own skin.  Older crowd.

Our lovely friend who recently relocated to London for work returned back for a quick two week respite.  He was DYING for savory, tasty, seasonal cuisine.  My same exact sentiments as when I was living and working in London - I recall my soul slowly dying a dehydrated, long, arduous death as I found myself wandering the streets after work to only find sad looking, mass produced fruits and produce at Tesco's and that other one.  How happy he was to land back in SF and eat and drink up all that he could! 

Jalapeno corn bread fingers - delicious, and complimentary.  Their "Yard Clippings" seasonal garden salad, quite yummy.  Marin roots farm greens with pears, goat cheese, cajun nuts (mmm texture), and a light molasses dressing.  The pork that he and my buddy ordered...  was actually quite disappointing to the sophisticated San Franciscan palate.  Hard and chewing, like a hockey puck, one of them described.  We are spoiled with fine tastes in SF.  We figured they might have changed the Chef, or perhaps just got a poor cut of meat.   Highly recommend the small plates (fresh, seasonal, local organic, etc. - tasty!).  Entrees, hit or miss. 

Good place to hang out with old time friends.  =)  Highly recommend, if you are of the aging hipsters, artsy, casual and cool type.